• fabric structures Solutions for Any Industry

    We increased efficiency, decreased our costs and improved our safety

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    fabric structures Solutions for Any Industry

    Music festivals, film festivals, equestrian shows, fashion shows weddings, Hank Parker's temporary structure rentals has done it all. Nationwide. Below gives you a glimpse into some of our most recent events.

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  • Church Tents

    We build tents specifically for Churches

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    Church Tents
  • Giant Clear Tents

    No need of lighting during day time

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    Giant Clear Tents
  • Two Story Tents

    Two story tent structures are ideal for sport events

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    Two Story Tents

Flexibility Unlike Any Other Structure

Investing in a Portable Building structure opens up a world of options you may not have even considered, that could prove very beneficial later on. Multiple options for building components means the building can easily and quickly be adapted for almost any purpose.
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Ready to Move When You Are

Portable Building structures are specifically designed and engineered for ease of movement. Structures may be disassembled moved and completely reconfigured. Since they can be quickly and easily relocated, the same structures can often serve many different purposes at various sites.
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As Permanent As You Need It To Be

Featuring non-corroding aluminum substructure and ultra-durable, high-performance architectural membrane provides all-weather protection from the elements, which translates into an incredibly long lifespan. Includes a 30 year guarantee on the aluminum substructure.
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Speed of Delivery and Construction

With over 2 million square feet of inventory available, most Sprung building sizes are available for delivery within 3 weeks of order. The Sprung team can complete non-insulated structures at a rate of up to 2,000 sq. ft. per day, and insulated structures at a rate of up to 1,000 sq. ft. per day.
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Change Made Simple and Convenient

If, over time, your space needs change, portable building structure can change too. We provide a modular clear span design, which allows you to easily add or remove modules, thereby increasing or decreasing the available square footage of your structure.
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Immediate Delivery From Inventory

Our large inventory, ensures exceptionally fast delivery and timely project completion. Building facilities are fully operational in a much shorter time frame than conventional construction. Businesses can open ahead of schedule or expand production more quickly.
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Limited Foundation Requirements

The lightweight aluminum substructure greatly reduces the size of footings or foundations compared to conventional buildings, and if appropriate soil conditions exist, less permanent applications have zero subsurface foundation requirements for structures up to 180 feet wide.
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Limited Foundation Requirements

When appropriate soil conditions exist, no foundation is required for structures up to 160 feet wide. Little or no ground surface preparation is required. Building costs and timelines can be significantly reduced compared to conventional construction.
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Our fabric shelters meet the strict Miami-Dade County Hurricane Compliance Code

From Research Scientists
All fabric membrane structures are made from extremely high quality materials and individually tested using strict performance measures. Our portable buildings have proven durability in some of the most extreme climates on earth, from the hottest desert to the windiest arctic tundra and coldest mountain highland.
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Clearspan and double decker structures are a perfect solution for maximizing space and enhancing sporting events of any kind. Choose from a multitude of structure options for your team’s next training camp, team appreciation or VIP viewing area. Multi-level installation capabilities & glass mezzanines provide a bird’s eye view of the game and are ideal for any sports training camps, equestrian shows & more. Let us take your team to the next level with a unique viewing experience & spectacle to behold.
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Rigid Isolation System

The Javits Centre in New York can house over 60 IsoT505 10 bed  negative pressure systems to accommodate 600+ patients with Covid19 for triple isolation of air, water, and solids. IsoT 505™ (10 - 600 bed) TRIPLE TREATMENT Negative Pressure System
     The IsoT 505™ system provides clean, isolated environments.
     It’s a modular mobile unit for hospitalization of patients under Covid-19 isolation environment.
     IsoT 505™ system uses negative air pressure, and specialized filtration of air, water, and solids treatment  technologies to provide an effective, versatile isolation environment ***anywhere, anytime, by anyone.**


      1. Specifications: 1.Construction, Roofing  and built-in equipment                                                                                                                        1.1 Aluminum frame with a high torque inertia for higher resistance and HD modular connectors.                                              1.2 Shell and roofing – aluminum frame and PVC                                                                                                                      1.3 Floor: Birch wood with a laminate with epoxy antibacterial laying on metal construction                                                    1.4 Double sleeve in the treatment room to enable X-ray cassette exchange into the system, without contacting  the interior space.                                                                                                                                                                                        1.5 Safety mirror (50*160 cm) in the antechamber.                                                                                                                        1.6 Four built frames for posters/handouts quick replacement.                                                                                                      1.7 Medical monitor rack.
  1. Entryway
2.1Double doors. 2.2 Open door warning system      3.Negative Pressure Filtration System 3.1 Air filtration system using negative air pressure technology with pre-filter, electrostatic filter, and HEPA H14 filter. 3.2 More than 30 air exchanges ((-12)-(-20)PA) per hour.      4.Climate control system 4.1 HD mobile climate control system (heating & cooling) with temperature controllers, controlled by remote control (outside working  temperatures 39ºF-95ºF.)      5.Built-in sanitation unit: 5.1 Built-in double sanitation units within the IsoT 505™  system interior, which includes separate showers, sinks and toilets. 5.2 The sanitation units are made from extruded aluminum profiles and hardened polymer material. 5.3 A mapping  showers including  doors. 5.4 Additional water drainage units with one-way valves. 5.5 Guard rails for toilets. 5.6 Safety mirrors over the sinks. 5.7 Sealed transparent entrance door.      6. Accessories: 6.1 The chlorination system automatically directs liquids and solids to sewage. 6.2 A digital controller to control chlorine concentration. 6.3 Storage tanks including mixing unit. 6.4 Toilet discharge and grey wastewater.     7.Water supply system: 7.1 Container 1,000 liters 7.2 Average per person for 7 days. 7.3 Flow pump. 7.4 Synchronization pump.  
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Public Events

GiantTents offers the widest product line in the fabric building industry, with engineered structures from 24’ to 300’ wide to any length. We provide building solutions for every application that are efficient to build and have lower ongoing operating costs than traditional buildings. GiantTents is an authorized Britespan dealer and industry expert for local customers, providing project management from concept to completion.
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Indoor Isolation System IsoT 505 Mobile Isolation\Clean Environment Unit Fully automatic isolation unit (negative and positive pressurized) The new IsoT 505 incorporates both negative and positive air pressure technologies. The new IsoT 505 can be used as clean, isolated environment for contagious diseases using the unit's negative air pressure capabilities. The new IsoT 505 can also be used as clean, isolated operation unit\isolation room for patients with weakened immune system, using the unit's positive air pressure capabilities. Isolated double chamber entrance hall for preliminary deployment and preparation. Double filtering technology – Negative pressure filtered vacuum unit (H14 99,999 filtration efficiency) combined with Positive pressure filtered blower unit with climate control capabilities. Filtration Efficiency - 99.99% for 0.3 micron particles and largerMeets ISO class 8-6 acceptance criteria (class 1,000 according to F.S.209E) for an airborne particulate cleanness level Fully customizable according to client needs. Isolated bathroom & toilet unit. Waste and Sewage Disposal system (Including Chlorination unit)enables safe and isolated disposal of discharges from within the Iso-T 505. The only patient Isolatiom System tailored to Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients THE RAMBAM HEALTH CARE MEDICAL CENTER, A WORLD RENOWNED, LEADING ACADEMIC MEDICAL CENTER, HAS ALREADY SUCCESSFULLY ADOPTED AND INTEGRATED THE ISO-T 505SYSTEM INTO ITS EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS PROTOCOLS.
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Medical Center – IsoT Caterpillar Compound (36 beds)

The IsoT Caterpillar Compound is an infectious patient isolation system and can contain 36 inpatient beds. The IsoT Caterpillar Compound system has many advantages, the internal space is completely isolated from the external environment at both the contaminant value and the external-internal temperature level. The IsoT Caterpillar Compound system is designed for quick installation of up to several hours The IsoT Caterpillar Compound system required Preparing a straight surface such as asphalt, concrete, grass, etc. Power supply up to 20kw load, water and 6ø diameter sewer port The IsoT Caterpillar Compound central unit that sends four arms symmetric, Each compound system has supportive systems and services that allow long-term inpatient services.
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Fabric buildings and other storage solutions from GiantTents provide open interiors, natural light and ventilation, corrosion resistant building components, and pre-engineered structures installed by local experts.
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